You can connect your Fax Line to Rev via-

  1. Porting your existing Fax number to our Cloud-based VoIP Fax gateway

  2. Purchase our “pre-configured” Cloud-based VoIP Fax Number, or

  3. In case you prefer to keep your existing physical Fax line, we will ship you our Pre configured Fax Gateway, which will forward any incoming Faxes to Rev Cloud or your in-premises Rev Appliance

ReV fax gateway device

How your organization can benefit by using Rev Fax support-

  • Helps in cutting costs by ditching fax lines– As per tele-data solutions(1), a typical fax line can cost anywhere from $30 to $80 a month depending on carrier provider, usage and taxes. While there are still costs associated with porting your number, it's drastically cheaper than handling and maintaining a primitive technology.

    Ability to send & receive a fax as long as there is an internet connection- That means faxing capability in the office, on the road, at home, at conferences, at a job site, etc. Also, since you are notified of incoming faxes through email, there's no complicated process to check and see if you've received anything from clients or customers.

  • You'll never lose a fax again – Your faxes will exist electronically along with having backup files, making it harder to be misplaced.

  • Using automation to save hours worth of work- REV’s can extract text from incoming Faxes using OCR. Rev can also read Barcodes and automatically populate indexes. This helps in saving hours’ worth of manual work.