This document describes how data files can be scanned on ReV and indexed by processing the documents in bulk with a process called Batch Processing.

The document is targeted at data entry operators. We expect an operator who is new to ReV to be able to follow this document and scan and index the data files using batch processing, without the need for individualized training.


1. Scanning

1.1 Connect your scanner to ReV-

  1. Click on the scan icon which opens the native task window that says-
     “If the native application did not start. Please 
    click here to install the native application on your system.”

  1. Click on ‘click here’ on the native task window and download the latest version of ReVWinDesktop app.


  1. Install the ‘ReVWinDesktop’ app on your machine.

  1. If you have an antivirus installed on your machine, it may create problems in trying to download this application. Please ignore the notifications of your antivirus application for the installation of the ‘ReVWinDesktop’ application.

  2. You are ready to scan directly into ReV.

  3. Go back to ReV and click on the scan icon again to use the scanner of your choice and scan the images.

1.2 Upload the images using a scanner- 

ReV is compatible with multiple scanning devices. Depending on the scanner, you can upload a single image at once or multiple images simultaneously.

1.2.1 Scan the images-

  1. Click on the scanner icon

  2. Select your scanner

  3. Scan the images directly onto ReV.

1.2.2 Upload images to ReV from your system-

a. Using ‘Attach images’ option- 

    a.1 Click on ‘attach images’ icon

a.2 Select the images to upload

    a.3 Click on ‘Open’


b. Using ‘drag and drop’ option-

b.1 Select the images to upload on your device

    b.2 Drag and drop the images into ReV


c. Using ‘Browse Files’ option

    c.1 Click on ‘Browse Files’ option

    c.2 Select the files to upload

    c.3 Click on ‘Open’

2. Batch process the uploaded images

After uploading the images on the ReV system, you can split the images into multiple documents as per your workflow. The indexing can be done before or after splitting the images into documents. 

If one or more index values are similar in all the documents (that you plan to create by splitting) then the indexing in those fields is done before splitting the images. This can be done using the ‘autocarry’ option. 
To index the images using autocarry option-

  1. Click on the three dots available on the right of the indexing field

  1. Turn on the 'auto carry' option

  1. Fill the value in the indexing field

This will carry the value of the indexing field in all the documents post splitting them.

2.1 Split the images into different documents

  1. Select a repository

  2. Select the number of the image to split- You can see the image number written on the top right corner of the image after double-clicking on it. For example- if you want to split the image from 1-10, scroll to image 10 and double click on it

  3. Now split the images into a document using the Insert key

  4. To split more images into documents, repeat the process

2.2 Index the images

  1. Select the document to add the indexing value available in the extreme right corner

  1. Add the indexing values

  2. Repeat the same process for all the other documents

  3. Once all the documents are indexed, click on ‘Save the documents’

  4. The documents get saved in ReV’s searchable database

3. Search the document

  1. Click on the search icon

  1. Put the index value to search 

  1. Click on search

  2. The available documents with the same index value appear in the search list

  1. Click on the document to retrieve it