Rev is a powerful and versatile tool that can be modulated to adapt to the specific needs of each user. One of the many ways this can be done is by defining and setting up custom values for the indexing fields. This greatly streamlines the indexing process as it offers indexing values that pertain specifically to the documents instead of generic values that might not offer the same level of preciseness.  

For users who process hundreds of images in a single day, this feature can be tremendously useful as it allows them to select from a list of predefined values instead of having to constantly type in the same indexing details every time they process a new document.

There are two options in Rev to set up custom values. The first one allows users to choose from the input selection list on the edit repository page. This option limits them to predefined values.

The second one, allows users to choose custom values by clicking on a checkbox in the advanced settings menu, under the edit repository option. By doing so, they can work with custom values as well as enter random values.

This process greatly simplifies the indexing of new documents by helping users saving time and by making it easy to define specific indexing values that will remain available every time a user indexes new documents. It’s just another way in which Rev offers powerful and easy functionalities to index documents.