You can add multiple users to your Rev workspace and assign them specific access permissions to your repositories.

To add another user to your work-space


(1) Log in to REV and go to  Manage workspace under user settings

(2) Choose the Configurations Tab

(3) Give a unique name to your workspace

Creating users requires that you have given a unique name to your workspace. If you try to create a user without first creating a unique name, REV will display an error “Custom name required”. If you encounter this error, enter a custom name for your workspace and then perform the previous step again.

(4) After giving a unique name to your workspace click on ‘update workspace users’


(5) In the Users dropdown  box, Type in the name of the new user

(6) Click on the Add user Button, the user information will appear. Then click the Save Button

(7) Once the user is saved REV will display the “Invitation link” for this user.

You can create multiple users by following these steps and “re-generate” the invitation link if needed by selecting the “create join invitation again” check box and click Save.

a) SEND This link with the person you want to share your workspace in a SECURE MANNER.

b) This link is ONE-time use only. Please note that the first person who browses this link will gain access to your workspace.

The person you want to share your workspace with would need to browse to this link and sign in to REV using existing or new credentials.

(8) They will be able to switch to your workspace (along with their personal workspaces or other workspaces they have access to) from the “switch workspace” menu.