In Rev, users have the option to capture or scan images in any order and later rearrange them in whichever order they want to. The best way to do so is to adjust the size of these images to thumbnail, as it will simplify the process of reordering them by showcasing all the documents in one place. This also makes it easier for users to drag and drop images to different positions which accelerates the indexing process.

In Rev, users have the option to process multiple images that are part of a single document in one go. Whereas, Splitting gives them the option to process multiple images from separate documents all in one go as well. This saves users time and effort by capturing and processing images in bulk instead of having to add and process each image one by one.

Once users have entered indexing details and processed an image in the New document screen, they can scroll to the next image. From there, the option to split or start a new document becomes active. This function of splitting a document gives users the choice to start processing it as a separate new document if they wish to.

Otherwise, they can simply continue to add images to the first document. This flexibility in processing multiple images in one continuous document or in a series of documents is one of the many reasons why Rev is so easy to use.