To set up scanning into REV on your system  please follow these steps,

  1. In order to update to the latest version of the REV native scan app, first, uninstall the current version of the app from your machine with these instructions,
  •   Go to ‘Control Panel’ on your computer
  •   Click on ‘Uninstall a program'

  •   Click and open the ‘RevWinDesktop’ program and click on Uninstall’

    2. Open your REV workspace in Chrome or Edge browser and login in 

    3.  Click on the scan icon in REV which opens the native task window which says

 “If the native application did not start. Please click here to install the native application on your system.”

      4. Click on the ‘click here’ on the native task window and download the latest version of RevWinDesktop app. 

      5. Install the ‘RevWinDesktop’ app on your machine.

      6. If you have an antivirus installed on your machine, it may create problems in trying to download this application. Please ignore the notifications of your antivirus application only for the installation of the ‘RevWinDesktop’ application.

       7. You are ready to scan directly into REV. Go back into REV and click on the scan icon and scan using the scanner of your choice.