What is ‘Print to Rev?’

Rev’s ‘Print to Rev’ feature eliminates the need to print files, images and documents that need to be indexed and have not yet been printed. It gives users the option to import images open in applications such as MS Word, PDF files, notepad, Excel Sheet, Google Docs that have an option to print, directly into Rev, thereby eliminating the need to print them.

How to use ‘Print to Rev?’

Please follow the following steps to use ‘Print to Rev’

  1. Open the image or document that you want to import into Rev on your screen
  2. Click on the print command in the application in which the image is open, such as Word, Excel, Notepad, Google Docs, Tiff, JPEG, or PNG
  1. Select ‘Print to Rev’ as your printer and click on ‘Print,’
  2. Click on ‘Print to Rev’ in the ‘Print to Rev’ dialog (as shown in the image below)

  3. Click on the ‘import printed images’ icon which appears in place of the scan icon in Rev (as shown in the image below)

  1. The printed image gets imported into Rev and can now be indexed and saved.


Note: By default, ‘Print to Rev’ opens in Google Chrome, but if you prefer to use ‘Print to Rev’ in Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge then you need to set it as your default browser in your computer settings. Please click here to follow the steps for changing your default browser:  

Example: If I want to open ‘Print to Rev’ in Firefox, I will first set Firefox as my default browser and then clear the browser field in ‘update options’ in the ‘Print to Rev’ dialog.