Rev allows users to digitize their documents, which means they can easily convert paper documents into images and index those images into Rev to make them easily retrievable. This is the first step towards organizing their paper documents using our system. Users can import images into Rev using a number of options.

The first one is to use the Attach images icon. This icon loads a window that prompts the user to attach an image. It is a very straightforward process in which users select the image they wish to attach and load it into the system.  

The second one is to use the drag-and-drop option which allows users to click on a document and drag it to the Rev interface. Using this method, they can easily drag and drop images into Rev in a simple and intuitive process. To facilitate this process, they can easily adjust the size of their browser windows to fit their folder window next to the Rev browser on the screen.  

The last one is to directly scan images into Rev using any standard scanner. This process will load the image directly in the Rev system, thus allowing the users to save time by skipping the step of locating and moving files that have been scanned.

Once users have imported their images into Rev, they can proceed with indexing them into selected repositories. The indexing process makes use of a variety of simple functionality and the deleting process is also very intuitive. In the instance, for example, that a paper document has errors on them and its scanned images need to be deleted, Rev makes it very easy to do. In such cases, images imported into Rev as well as documents that have already been processed into Rev can be deleted using the Rev delete feature. However, it is important to note that, in most business organizations, by default, only admin users have to delete permission.