This feature allows users to define default search criteria for a specific field in a repository.

Let us select the ‘Accounts Payable’ repository and the ‘invoice number’ index field.

 A client of ours had been using a legacy document management system. They had to add the ‘0’ prefix to all invoice numbers just for the system to be able to read the values. Now whenever they had to look up any document in this repository using the invoice number criteria, they had to type the ‘0’ prefix with the rest of the value. They moved to REV at the beginning of this year and asked us if we could help them with this issue.

We came up with this feature, ‘advanced search default’ using which we can define the search function in REV to show up all values for the ‘invoice number’ index field with or without a ‘0’ prefix. Now they can run their searches without having to necessarily prefix a ‘0’ to their values.

This feature can be customized to help you reduce time spent on search queries by defining default search criteria as per your requirements.