Document-level security is the latest feature to be included in REV. It helps businesses manage permissions and access for users right down at the document level.

REV Administrators already had the option to manage security and access in REV at the repository level and further by creating roles and assigning permissions to them. This new feature takes security management in REV to a whole new level. It enables REV Administrators to manage access to documents at the most basic level i.e. at the level of individual documents. They can now define which user can access which particular documents inside any given repository. This works irrespective of the fact that a user can have access to a repository but can only view documents that have been defined for that specific user.

An example:

Let's take the case of the sales department in a Transport organization.
XYZ trucking has 12 sales representatives helping them acquire a new business. All documents related to ‘New Sales’ are indexed under the ‘Sales’ repository in REV. This repository contains information about deals that all their 12 Sales Representatives are currently working on. Under usual circumstances, all the Sales Representatives would be able to view documents for all the other Representatives. This is not what most businesses prefer. XYZ trucking reached out to us asking if we could help them better manage this situation. They wanted us to set up REV in such a way that a particular user could only access documents that he/she was working on. None of their Sales Representatives should be able to view documents that are not meant for them, even if they all had permission to the ‘Sales’ repository.

Once we understood what the requirement for XYZ trucking was, we got to work immediately. In a week's time, we had the solution ready and tested. XYZ trucking loved that not only did we resolve their issue, but they were also impressed at the fact that the solution was achieved in a short time frame and without a lot of changes to how REV previously worked for them. Today all Sales Representatives at XYZ trucking can only view their own documents irrespective of the fact that they all have permission to the same repository.