Please follow these steps to log into REV. Use the login ID and password that you received in your email.

  1. Users receive their login credentials via email. 
    The email contains the link for your REV workspace and also your username and password reset pin.  The email looks like this.


2. Click and open the custom REV link- 
using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This will take you to your REV ‘sign-in page as shown in the image below.


3.  On the login page, type in your username and a password of your choice that you would want to keep, for using REV.
Once you type in your password and click on the sign-in button, an empty field appears for the password reset pin. Check your email for this password reset pin and enter it here and click on the sign-in button. You will be logged into your REV workspace.




To get started with using REV to scan, save, search and share your documents please refer to this REV Quick Start Guide