Click and open the custom REV link that using Google Chrome. 

It will look something like https://mycompany.revapp.scanrev.com/ 

This will take you to your REV ‘sign-in' page as shown in the image below. 

Please refer to this link for any further help https://www.scanrev.com/login-into-rev/


To help you get started, we have set up default repositories that you can select on the welcome page.


Configure REV to suit your screen size

REV gives you the freedom to manage documents using computers, tablets, or mobile devices. You can configure the best layout for your current screen by using this feature. To do so:

  1. Go to user settings and slide the “rearrange layout” toggle and turn it on (second from the top)
  2. Rearrange the layout to suit your screen by resizing the image and indexing tabs



Importing Files into REV



You can import various file formats (.jpg, .doc, .png, .pdf, .mp3, .tiff) into REV using multiple ways:

  1. Drag and drop them into the image tab in REV*.
  2. Click on ‘Attach Images’ or ‘browse to files,’ to select and click on the files you want to import.
  3. Directly scan images into REV, but first you will need to run the REV native application on your system by clicking on the ‘scan images’ button.

* you will need to drop it in the appropriate window so keep an eye on your cursor as it will indicate where it’s okay to drop a file


Set up your scanner to scan images directly into REV


Scanning images and directly uploading them into the cloud is Rev's patent-pending technological achievement. Users can directly scan and upload their files to accelerate the capture/import process.

This can be done by pressing the “Scan images” button (second from the left in the Index Screen navigation bar).


A message prompting you to download the native app will appear. Press the link in that message to initiate the download.


Once the download is complete, open the native app installer file and go through the installation process. This will detect your existing scanner(s) and build a bridge between them and the REV browser-based app.


Once this process is complete, a window will open to choose the scanner you wish to use. Once you’ve chosen it, you will be prompted to select the file format in which you wish to scan. REV will save these settings for you. In case you have multiple scanners and would like to choose between them, you can do so by turning on the ‘select scanner' option from the settings menu. You can now capture images directly from your scanner to index them into REV.  


Indexing Files in REV



You land by default in the Index Screen and can return to it at any time with the “+” sign button. The indexing process is very simple:
  1. Import/Capture images and/or files (.jpg, .doc, .png, .pdf, .mp3, .tiff)
  2. Select the repository in which you wish to index them
  3. Fill up the relevant indexing fields (type, description, date, amount, etc.) *
  4. Hit the “Save” button at the bottom right of the indexing tab.

*You can customize these indexing fields by choosing the required information and whether they are optional or mandatory

Search for your Documents in REV



Once a file has been indexed, it can be searched in the Search Screen. To navigate to it, simply press the button with the binocular icon on it.

Once in the Search Screen, to find a document, you will need to:

  1. Select the relevant repository*
  2. Fill up the search fields that are relevant to what you are looking for**
  3. Hit the blue “Search” bar at the bottom of that window

*you can search multiple repositories by sliding on the “multi repo” toggle in the setting menu in the top right corner of your screen

**In order to do a “wildcard” search, you can add an asterisk (*) followed by the characters you wish to search in the relevant field



If your search result consists of multiple pages you can navigate through them by simply using the “previous” and “next” buttons at the bottom of the page. You can also define the number of rows in your result table using the field in between those two buttons.


You can go back to the Search Screen and update your search criteria by clicking on the “Update Search” button on the top right corner.


Share your documents

Sharing documents using REV is a very straightforward process.In the Index Screen, press the button with a paper airplane icon on it.

This will give you 3 options:


1. Download Originals

This will allow you to download the original document that you had imported and indexed into Rev.

2. Printable PDF

This will download a printable PDF of the selected images.

3. Email

This will open a dialog box where you can input the email addresses of recipients to share your documents as an email attachment in PDF format.


Batch Processing in REV

Batch processing allows you to break a large number of images or pages into separate documents.

The process is very simple:
  1. Import all the pages or images that you wish to process into REV*
  2. Fill up the indexing fields with proper values**
  3. Go to the first page of the next group of pages that you wish to index
  4. Click the “split” icon on the top right corner of the image in focus, hit the Insert key or the Alt key with “S”
  5. A document with all the prior pages will be created as a separate document and listed in the indexing tab.
  6. If you later find a page that has been left behind and needs to be added to that document, you can drag and drop it into the file icon representing that document***


*You can scroll through these pages by using the PgUp and PgDn keys, the scroll bar, or the left and right arrows on the top right

** You can enter or review those values at any point before saving

*** You can use the Alt key in combination with the up and down arrows to move  from one document to another